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2.11.2012 | Beauty

Tallinn SPAS

Tallinn SPAS

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Spa culture in Estonia is by no means a new phenomenon. The first spa dates back to 1824 in Kuresaare, after the benefits of curative sea mud were found. Today, there are hundreds of spas all over Estonia, but there are many spas right here in Tallinn as well. Enjoy a day of pampering, or take your kids along to one of the waterparks. A few hours at the spa can be the perfect balance with a few hours of sightseeing.

In recent years, Tallinn has seen a boom in day spas, and it seems that everywhere you look you see one. This is by no means a bad thing! A day spa is all about relaxation and wellness. Here you can come for things like chocolate body wraps, hot stone massage or just a simple traditional massage. Most of the day spas in Tallinn offer facials, manicures and pedicures, as well as waxing. Many of the hotels also have day spas within their complexes. Whether in a hotel or in the Old Town, bookings are always recommended.


1 Enjoy a wide array of spa treatments as well as different types of saunas and pools, including an outdoor pool open all year.

Aqua Spa (Tallink Spa & Conference Hotel) Sadama 11a, Tallinn

2 This spa is one of the best in the city. You are taken care of as soon as you walk in, given a robe and led to lounge chair to wait for your treatment. Enjoy a sauna or a dip in the jacuzzi too.

Babor Spa, Narva mnt 5, Tallinn

3 City Spa is one of the largest spas in the city. There is a fitness club, pool, and childcare facility. Enjoy a wide variety of treatments to relax and unwind.

City Spa, Rävala pst 4, Tallinn 

4 Relax with a massage, facial and much more at this Old Town day spa. It has a very cosy and comforting atmosphere, and is geared towards individual treatments rather than groups. Day Spa, Vana-Posti 4, Tallinn Old Town

5 This spa is the first spa in Estonia to offer ichthyotherapy, or fish therapy. Dozens of tiny fish swim in a bath around you to remove dead skin cells. Afterwards you are left feeling relaxed and your skin is soft. Aloe Spa, Rotermanni 5, Tallinn

6 Enjoy a small pool, jacuzzi, steam bath, and sauna as well as a wide variety of massages at this luxury spa in Tallinn’s Old Town.

Elemis Spa, (Hotel Telegraaf ), Vene 9, Tallinn Old Town 

7 This is another one of the larger spas in Tallinn. The complex has saunas, a salt chamber, pool, and solarium.

Meriton Grand Conference & Spa Hotel, Paldiski mnt 4, Tallinn 

8 This unusual building was once a yachting centre, built for the 1980 Olympics. Today however, you can enjoy a wide variety of spa treatments, saunas, a small swimming pool and the beautiful surroundings of Pirita.

Pirita TOP Spa Hotel, Regati pst 1, Tallinn 

9 Located in the heart of the Old Town, guests will be pampered combining time-honoured techniques and modern spa technology.

Reval Day Spa, Pikk 7, Tallinn Old Town

Spas and Children

Children can have fun at the spa too! There are spas with water parks that both children and adults alike can enjoy. Some spas even offer spa treatments designed for children. When making your booking, be sure to ask what your spa offers for children.

10 This spa is located just a little way out of Tallinn and has different pools, including a children’s pool and many different kinds of saunas. Viimsi Spa Hotel, Randvere tee 11, Viimsi

11 Located in the heart of Tallinn, this spa hotel has a great water park for children, and saunas for the adults.

Kalev Spa Hotel & Waterpark, Aia 18, Tallinn Old Town


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