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31.12.2022 | Restaurants

The wine bars of Tallinn

Text Susanna Poikela
Photos Tiit Tamme, Jaanar Nikker, 
Maris Raud, and Marco Calzoni

The wine bars of TallinnChin Chin is a spacious and stylish wine bar in Kalaranna.


Chin Chin is one of the newest of Tallinn’s wine bars. It is a modern and stylish bar found in the new residential area of Kalaranna. There is also a wine shop on the premises. There are around 800 different wines to choose from, which can be enjoyed by the bottle on the spot. You can also try 80 different wines by the glass.

The emphasis of the selection is on classic wine brands and wines from small producers. The famous and award-winning Mantel & Korsten manufactures most of Chin Chin’s small snacks. Live music can be enjoyed on Thursdays, when the bar plays jazz or the hits of the last century. On Fridays, there is a DJ playing cool music of different genres. The atmosphere is clearly more nightclub-like then. The spacious Chin Chin is also suitable as a party venue for larger parties.

A few years ago, Time to Wine launched a completely new wine-tasting concept. The customer tastes wines at their own pace directly from the tap using the bar’s own payment card. It is possible to choose portions of different sizes from the vending machine and the tastings are paid for when leaving. Wines can also be bought from the bar’s selection. The only downside of the system is that there is not necessarily a real encounter between the waiter and the customer. Time to Wine can be found both in Kalamaja and Rotermanni.

Plan B serves mainly European wines at an affordable price. From the kitchen, you can order cheeses, cold meats and desserts alongside the drinks. The place is often packed on weekend evenings and the atmosphere matches it. If loud music and full tables don’t bother you, you should head here.


MarcoVino has a relaxed Italian atmosphere.


A piece of authentic and tasty Italy

MarcoVino, the wine shop, is run by the Italian Marco Calzoni. He imports all the wines in the selection himself and it goes without saying that they are Italian. “I know all the Italian wine regions very well. After travelling around Italy and visiting numerous wine cellars, trade fairs and wine events, I have become an expert in my field,” says Marco Calzoni.

MarcoVino also offers Italian cuisine, alongside the wine you can order tasty appetizers, pizza, piadina wraps and salad. There will also be an increase in the number of fish dishes on the menu in the near future. Calzoni regularly organises events, for example peri-Italian early evening aperitivos. At MarcoVino, the service is very smooth and friendly.


Atmospheric and funly decorated Veino.


You can find your new living room in Veino, the newest of Tallinn’s wine bars

If the late Portuguese WineNot? was the king of all wine bars in Tallinn, it may well be that the place has found a successor. The cheerful retro newcomer Veino is located on Suurtüki in the old town. The interior is colourful and flashy, but not in a jarring way. There is a warm atmosphere inside and all interior materials are recycled. Music plays an important role in small wine bars, and Veino knows how to blend it perfectly into the environment. It doesn’t ring too loud and doesn’t disturb conversations.

Two sommelier friends Verner Lepp and Paul Ojam opened the wine bar in June of this year. The snack list is being renewed right now, so it’s worth going to try it as well. “Veino’s wine selection includes a large number of natural wines. We also favour new, innovative winemaking methods. In addition, we are both big coffee fans, so you can also get quality coffee from us,” says Verner. The place is small, so a table reservation is recommended.


Bodegas Care wines can be tasted in Toro.


From Veino, you can continue your journey deeper into the old town. The fluttering Spanish flag on Lai entices you to get to know the local delicacies in more detail. Toro is a wine and tapas place created by two passionate wine lovers, Danek Bergmann and Timo Puronen. The atmosphere of the small wine bar is relaxed and youthful. The wines come from the Bodegas Care winery in the Cariñena region of Spain. The owners import all the wines served at Toro themselves. The bar also regularly organises food and wine events. The walls have a quarterly changing art exhibition. And, the following is promised on the toilet wall: Since you are doing nothing right now, leave a review on Tripadvisor and an ice-cold Limoncello will be waiting for you at the bar.


Chin Chin, Kalaranna 8, Tallinn.

Time to wine, Kopli 6 ja Rotermanni 2, Tallinn.

Plan B, Kopli 20, Tallinn. 

MarcoVino, Vana-Kalamaja 10, Tallinn.

Veino, Suurtüki 2, Tallinn.

Toro Veinikohvik, Lai 26, Tallinn. 

Tiks, Kopli 14, Tallinn.

Vixen vinoteek, Pagari 1, Tallinn.

Pecorino, Pikk 31, Tallinn.

Pan y Vino, Pikk 34, Tallinn.

Veinituba Viru 17, Viru 17, Tallinn.

Gloria Veinikelder, Müürivahe 2, Tallinn.

Otto’s veinibaar, Toompuiestee 23, Tallinn.

Flamm, Rotermanni 2, Tallinn.


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