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22.12.2014 | Määratlemata @en

The not-so-small design shop

The not-so-small design shop

Les Petites has been bringing the best of Estonian (and Scandinavian) design to Tallinn since 2009.


As with most great business ideas,they usually begin when you least expect it. This was certainly the case for Elena Volk, owner of Les Petites Disain & Vintage. Elena started making jewellery when she fell pregnant, then decided to continue with it instead of returning to her old job. “I was making jewellery next door (to their current location in Telliskivi), and my friends were making thingstoo”.Andso the idea was born –a common place for designers to sell their goods.

The concept soon became very popular. “I only sell things I, myself, would wear or use”, she explains.“In the beginning I was going to design fairs, looking for local designers. I would hand out flyers. Designers could find me on our website and submit examples of their work there”. With over 60 designers now showcasing their goods at Les Petites, I wondered how she chooses. “On any given day I have four to five people coming in to show me their designs, looking for a spot on the shelves at Les Petites”. Of course Elena cannot accept everything. “I look for things that suit the style of our shop”.

Les Petites does not just showcase Estonian design. The shop is filled with Scandinavian furniture. In the corner, there is the Stålhästen pop-up bike space. Elena herself loves vintage Japanese dresses. There is a rack of these as well.“We also house guest designers for two to three months at a time and organise special events”.

Elena is still designing jewellery, including the Bio:loogiline:kell line of women’s jewellery and men’s accessories she designs together with Kadri Tulev.

“We often have people contacting us from abroad, asking if we can send items to them. Many people have come into the shop, fallen in love with a particular item and then regretted not buying it. With this is mind, we will soon beopeningawebshop”.Keepup- to-date with what is going at Les Petites via their Facebook page.


Les Petites Disain & Vintage

Telliskivi 60a, Telliskivi Loomelinnak, Tallinn

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