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14.12.2023 | Leisure

Activities for the family in Estonia this Christmas

Enjoy Christmas with Lotte and her friends in Gadgetville.
Text Mark Taylor
Photos Lottemaa, Piparkoogimaania, Timo Arbeiter

Activities for the family in Estonia this ChristmasJoin Lotte and her friends for some festive fun.


The charming village of Gadgetville in Lottemaa will undergo a festive transformation this Christmas season. The villagers have poured their hearts into decorating their homes, gardens, and forest paths, creating a magical winter wonderland.

Families with young children are in for a treat as the special program is packed with exciting experiences, including a brand-new, educational Christmas show, short performances at the homes of Lotte Village inhabitants, a concert featuring timeless and new Gadgetville hits, and a chance to meet Santa Claus.

Children and parents alike can have fun and sing along with Lotte and her friends, engage in winter sports with Bruno’s father, Mati the Cat, and embark on adventures along the Gadgetville adventure trail.

Kaire Lerg, the Marketing Manager at Lottemaa also explained that a number of the village inhabitants will have special festive stories.

“Lotte’s father Oskar has invented a completely new and revolutionary invention. Jaak the Fly is full of confusion, because the Christmas party is about to start, but the Christmas rabbit Wolfgang has disappeared without a trace. Hubert the Duck thinks that he is already big enough to move out of the house. However, his mother Pauline’s heart is bursting with pain. It’s Christmas after all! What is Lotte’s father’s invention and how will these situations be resolved? You will have to come and see yourself to find out,” shared Lerg.

The Theatre Café, Lotte Village café, and Anna’s pancake café will all be open serving delicious treats, and Artur’s shop will be brimming with cool gifts and souvenirs to remember your special day.

Lottemaa Christmas Wonderland will be open every day from 12 noon to 4 pm, on December 16-17, 26-30, and January 5-7.

More information can be found at: lottemaa.ee/en


Christmas markets, activities, and places to find Santa

Tallinn Christmas Market (December 3- January 7)Did you know that a Christmas tree was first placed in the city’s Town Hall Square in 1441? Making it the oldest recorded one in Europe. From the first Sunday of Advent Santa will be waiting to hear poems from children in his house at the market. Christmas wish lists can also be put in his mailbox. There will also be a full festive programme for kids and 3 different carousels to ride.


Santa will be the star guest at Tartu Christmas City.


Tartu Christmas City (December 3- January 7)Regardless of whether there will be snow or not on the first Sunday of Advent the city’s Town Hall Square will be adorned with its tree, lights and much more. Throughout the festive season, there will be activities and treats offered by the city’s museums, concerts, sleigh rides, and a few other surprises.


Pärnu Christmas Village (December 16-17) Santa and his helpers will be on hand to welcome and speak to youngsters in the city’s Independence Square. As a family, you will also be able to enjoy delicious treats and goods on offer at the fair, as well as take part in festive activities and enjoy performances.


Narva Christmas Village (December 22-26) Just before Christmas, Santa will make a stop at Narva Castle. As well as the big man himself, youngsters will be able to visit a petting zoo, take part in contests and workshops, watch performances, and more. There will also be a souvenir fair and Christmas café.


Horse-drawn carriage rides are just one of the activities available at the Estonian Open Air Museum this festive season.


Estonian Open Air Museum Christmas Village (December 16-17)At the Christmas Village children and grownups alike will be able to discover the role animals have played in our lives throughout history, predict the future with a rooster, take a horse-drawn carriage ride, and more. There is also a new permanent exhibition at the museum dedicated just to children, where they can meet farm animals face to face and learn all about them.


Santa Claus Korstna Farm – On November 19 and December 26 Mr and Mrs Claus and their elves will welcome visitors to their farm near Pärnu. Mrs Claus will introduce you to the farm’s animals – cats, rabbits, goats, sheep, ponies, hens, and ducks. It is also possible to ride ponies, go on a sleigh ride, enjoy homemade pancakes, and much more – along with meeting Santa himself.


All of the artwork at Gingerbread Mania is edible.


Edible Masterpieces – Gingerbread Mania (December 1 – January 7) is a popular annual exhibition with just one rule – everything must be made out of gingerbread. In total, around 100 artists participate in the exhibition. However, the best part for young visitors is that amazing gingerbread cookies made by the artists can be bought in the exhibition’s café and enjoyed with a warm drink.


Other non-festive related fun for youngsters can be found at:



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