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20.10.2015 | Leisure

Old Town for Children

Old Town for Children

Five great activities to enjoy with the whole family in Tallinn.


1 Climb the tower and dress up in armour

Around the Old Town, about twenty of the ancient towers have survived and some of them can also be viewed from the inside. Kiek in de Kök, near the Freedom Square is one of the strongest, most well built turrets in Europe. Fat Margaret (Paks Margareeta), however, is known for its very thick-walled lookouts. Within its walls are approximately 155 cannon portholes, and the tower also houses the contemporary Estonian Maritime Museum. In the 14th century Epping Tower, you can try on armour and admire the medieval weapons.

Fat Margaret, Pikk 70. Tallinn Old Town  



Epping Tower, Laboratooriumi 31. Tallinn Old Town  



2 Adventurous tunnels

In the bottom floor of the Kiek in de Kok tower there is access to the underground Bastion tunnel, the oldest parts of which were been built in the 16th century. During different eras the tunnels have functioned, among other things, as bomb shelters and warehouses. The tunnels can be accessed only by guided tour. This attraction is not recommended for children under seven years of age.

Kiek in de Kök and Bastion tunnels, Komandandi tee 2. Tallinn Old Town



3 Taste the marzipan and pastries

Situated near the Town Hall, Maiasmokk is worthy of its name as a pastry café. The little ones will see pieces of cake, pink cookies and sweets behind the counter. In the same building as the café is the Kalev Martsipanimuuseum (Kalev Marzipan Room), which is a fun museum because one can taste the confectionaries. Visitors can also buy marzipan animals and other figurines.

Maiasmokk, Pikk 16. Tallinn Old Town




4 Take the train through the city

A fun old-fashioned fun train ride goes through the cobbled streets of the Old Town. On board, the whole family can relax and get off their tired feet, while admiring the medieval buildings. The blue locomotive starts every twenty minutes from Town Hall Square at Kullassepa tänav.


5 Explore the world of museums

In the Old Town are several museums that are interactive for all members of the family including kids. Nuku is a puppet theater and a museum, where you can become acquainted with Estonia’s most famous puppet theater actors and characters. Due to renovations theatrical performances will take place this season, at the Auna theater in Pelgulinn.

The Museum of Natural Sciences (Eesti Loodusmuuseum) delves into Estonian nature. Plan to allow more time for your visit as the museum is on three different floors. Learn all about owls and moths at the temporary exhibit until October 25.

The Estonian History Museum (Eesti Ajaloomuuseum) takes you on an interactive journey back 11,000 years ago. The museum is located in the Great Guild Hall (Suurgildi hoone), near the Maiasmokk cafe.

NUKU, Nunne 8. Tallinn Old Town   http://www.nuku.ee/en/muuseum/

Estonian Museum of Natural Sciences, Lai 29a. Tallinn Old Town   http://www.loodusmuuseum.ee/en/

Estonian History Museum, Pikk 11, Tallinn Old Town   http://www.ajaloomuuseum.ee/en


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