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2.7.2012 | Shopping

Tallinn’s port area gets a facelift

Tallinn’s port area gets a facelift

Tallinn's port area gets a facelift

After arriving in Tallinn by cruise ship, you need not go far for a meal, or shopping. The Viking Line store, Sadama Market, and many different kinds of restaurants are diversifying the area. Everything is available to you, as soon as you step off the cruise ship.

One of the biggest shops in the area is the Viking Line Quality Outlet. The food section on the lower floor of the Lootsi Centre sells everything from beef tenderloin to whitefish caviar (frozen). The beverage selection is even bigger. Prices are comparable to those on the cruise ships. Top brand clothing and shoes can be found as well. Find designer labels, like Calvin Klein, Burberry, Gant, and Armani. Many of the styles are samples, or one-offs. To give you an idea of the prices, Armani and Polo shirts are under 50€ and Gant gloves are under 100€. You can also find other brand name shirts for as low as 9.90€.

Although the shopping centre has already been open for a few years, it is not until recently that it started to take off. Many shops have stood empty, and renovations have been on-going. The increase in new store owners is changing all of this. The old storerooms have been renovated and the entire complex is now the most stylish shopping and dining centre in the port district. Super Alko takes up most of the main floor, and upstairs there are many boutiques, beauty salons, and restaurants.

The Merekeskus is the oldest shopping centre in the area. The two-level complex houses many clothing stores and souvenir shops. The prices are cheap and you can also try bargaining. There is a café and a bar on the upper level and on the main level is a liquor store.

The SadaMarket is situated near the A Terminal near the parking lot. The complex was built betcompleted in three stages. Inside you can find many small boutiques, larger stores, cafés, restaurants, and beauty salons.

The "new" market of the port district is located right in the centre of things. The Sadama Turg sells local Estonian produce, and various other meats, cheeses, and dairy products. Complement your picnic with a bottle of wine from the small shop inside.

Near the Tallink or D Terminal is another shopping centre where you can find alcohol and sweets. If you are walking from the terminal to the port then you will certainly pass by it.Right next to this shopping centre is the Norde Centrum where you will find fewer tourists. Many Estonians shop here, mostly to go to the Rimi grocery store. Inside there is another alcohol store that specialises in quality wines and has a good variety of spirits. You will find a Seppälä, Esprit, Novalux, Sportland, pharmacy, eyeglass store, and cosmetics. What makes this place unique is the Saaremaa Sepad (blacksmiths) shop selling wrought iron items. Admire the high quality work and the range of products available.

The closest service station to the Tallink Terminal is the Statoil Eesti Sadam (Lootsi 1). Right next to it is the Liviko store that has a huge selection of Estonian drinks and spirits including Viru Valge vodka, Vana Tallinn liqueur, as well as other popular brands and wines. An even bigger Liviko store can be found behind the Lootsi Centre.

Parking in the port district costs 2€ for 24 hours. Free parking spaces can also be found.


Merekeskus, Mere pst. 10

Lootsi Keskus, Lootsi 8

Norde Centrum, Lootsi 7

SadaMarket, Kai 5 / Sadama 6

Sadama Turg, Sadama 25-4.

Super Alko Uus-Sadama 19/11, Lootsi 4

Alko.ee, Lootsi 4.

AlkoMarket OÜ Paadi 14 A.

Liviko Lootsi 3A ja Lootsi 8.


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