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One of Estonia’s most beautiful summer destinations

25. May 2015

One of Estonia’s most beautiful summer destinations

Estonia’s Cultural Capital Tartu is trip worth taking with the whole family. Picturesque Tartu offers visitors a quick vacation, as well as a romantic weekend.

A trip to Tartu won’t break the bank either, and its relatively small size means that the best way to see it is by foot. Walk along the Emajõgi River to enjoy beautiful flowers, or escape the city centre with a walk through Toomemägi Park.

Do you feel like getting your groove on? Tartu has no shortage of nightclubs or bars. For example, Atlantis nightclub offers a great night out for those looking for a party. Or just walk through the city centre and you’ll no doubt find a great bar for a quieter night out.

Estonia is known for its excellent desserts and Tartu is no exception. The Town Hall Square is filled with café patios in summertime, where you can taste some of the best cakes. In the centre of the square you will see one of Tartu’s well-known sights: the kissing students statue in the fountain.

History buffs should mark the weekend of July 10-12 in their calendars, as it is the start of Tartu’s Hanseatic Days. Visitors can enjoy a Hanseatic Market, as well as see many different concerts and exhibits. The medieval market sells some great food, some of which you can even bring home as a souvenir. Be sure to book your hotel early for this weekend.

Travel Distances:

Tallinna–Tartto 185 km


Approximately 104,000

How to get there

Tartu is located about 185 km from Tallinn. It is accessible by bus or train. For full ticket information and schedules visit: www.tpilet.com (bus) or www.elron.ee (train).

TOP 5 Tartu


This neighbourhood, made up mainly of wooden houses almost makes you feel like you’re in the country. Wander through the streets of this quiet part of town for a nice walk.


This UNESCO protected observatory celebrated its 200th anniversary in 2011. Visit this fascinating museum for only €3.


If you’re not scared of heights, then climb the old cathedral’s tower, located on Toomemägi hill. Bring your camera because the view is stunning.


Find brand name clothes and cosy cafés at Tasku Shopping Centre. It’s just a quick walk from the city centre and also houses a cinema.


Do you know what the original monument of Swedish King Gustavus Adolphus looks like? Visit the Tartu University Treasury for look at some real rarities. Guided visits are also available.


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