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11.11.2013 | Shopping

A stylish winter party

A stylish winter party

Christmas and New Year’s Eve parties are just around the corner and now is the time to look for formal wear.


This season lace and bead detailing are all the rage. Shops also offer metallic fabrics, which can be paired with an array of the season's trends.

Men’s styles take a turn towards the classic, influenced mainly by 1950s fashion. Three-piece suits, ticket pockets and shoes are the beginning of this winter’s best.

We put together the best outfits from Tallinn shops. These dresses, suits, and accessories are guaranteed to make you shine this winter!

Red dress–Karen Miller,185€

Black shoes–Guess,160€

Gold bag–KarenMillen,135€ 

Earrings–Marks and Spencer,18,95€

This feminine red dress follows the contours of the body. The patent leather shoes shine, if anyone even notices them over the beautiful dress.

Black metallic dress–Karen Millen,325€

Black shoes–Karen Millen,185€

Bag–Mark sand Spencer,41,25€


The trendy metallic beads on the bottoms are the young party girl’s top pick. The embroidered handbag and high-heeled shoes are the crowning rock and roll style.

Grey suit–Mosaic,129€+59,95€

Shirt and tie–Mosaic,25,95€+12,95€

Watch with black strap

Black shoes–Marks and Spencer,46,60€

Trousers and vest–Baltman,89€+69€

Shirt and tie–Baltman,49,49€ 

Brown shoes–Marks and Spencer,69,90€

Bowtie–Marks and Spencer,5,90€

You don't have to wear a suit to be dressed formally ; you can replace the jacket with a vest.Try wearing a vest along with a bow tie.

This stylish grey winter suit is slightly shiny and You don't have to wear a suit to be dressed sits well. You can play around with the colours formally ; you can replace the jacket with a vest. of the shirt and tie, and don’t forget about the Try wearing a vest along with a bow tie. handkerchief! The watch with the leather strap is more traditional, as are the shoes.



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